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Green left(YSP) gave a self-criticism in Van


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The Green Left Party appeared in front of the press in Van and stated that they did not get the expected result from the election process and gave a self-criticism to the Van public.

After the election, the Greens and the Left Future Party (Green Left Party) Van Provincial organization appeared in front of the press with the elected deputies. Green Left Party Van Provincial Co-Spokesperson Gönül Uzunay, who spoke first in the press release, which also included DBP and HDP executives, thanked those who voted for their party. Evaluating the results of the parliamentary elections held on May 14, 2023 and the presidential election, Uzunay said that their parties could not reach the targets announced to the public before the election, but it should be known that they regressed fascism in the first round.

Uzunay noted that they gave self-criticism about falling behind the targets they presented to the public in order to achieve them. Expressing that they will make a detailed statement after 28 May, Uzunay noted that their biggest self-criticism would be to regress the current government on 28 May.

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What happened will be discussed’

Pointing out that it is important to learn from their deficiencies and inadequacies, Uzunay underlined that as a result, they will hold meetings and discuss the process after 28 May on the basis of making a fresh start. Uzunay drew attention to the following determinations: “The deficiencies and inadequacies detected without any justification or excuse will be accounted for and the requirements will be fulfilled. No one should doubt this. In this context, it should be known by the public that all our comrades who have responsibility locally and in general will not hesitate to give self-criticism.”

‘Attacks continued throughout the election’

Green Left Van Deputy Gülcan Kaçmaz Sayyiğit stated that the pressure, detention and arrests against his parties continued during the election process. Sayyiğit said, “We both pushed back this fascist power bloc, which tried to leave our people without options, with the closure case and conspiracy cases, and we lost it in the first round. Because we are the subjects of a resistance that finds its way and its future through social struggle and does not take a step back against a power politics of lies and desperation. We would like to thank all our people who listened to our voice, took our call into consideration, voted for our party and protected the ballot box on this path.

‘We could not meet the expectations of the people’

Sayyiğit also stated that there was a great pressure from party leaders to parliamentary candidates, adding that they increased their representation in Van, but they could not meet the expectations of the people. Sayyigit promised that they would carry out a policy to contribute to the solution of the problems of the people in the parliament. Sayyigit said, “We have increased the number of representations from 5 to 6 in Van, but this increase does not prevent us from giving self-criticism. We regressed the power both in Van and in general. Achieving this to the final goal will only be possible by burying this one-man regime, which was anti-democratic, illegal and trustee, in the ballot box in the second round. We believe that the will of the people of Van on May 14 in this direction will be reflected to the ballot box more strongly, and we express that we will continue to work in this way.”

‘AKP-MHP built a fascist bloc against the Kurdish people’

DBP Van Provincial Co-Chair Harun Okay, who took the floor lastly, said that the AKP government, which lost the June 7 elections in 2015, started a systematic attack against the people with the coalition it formed with the MHP, with which it cooperated after that day. He underlined that he has built a fascist bloc by adding new characters who are remembered with massacres and unsolved murders in the memory of the Kurdish people, alongside the AKP-MHP government, which has lost a position in every election since that day.

Green left(YSP) gave a self-criticism in Van - yesil sol parti van ozelestiri 1 1024x768 1

Okay continued his words as follows: “HÜDA-PAR, who has abused the faith of our people at the current stage, is competing for the representation of this alliance with Doğu Perinçek, a gladio remnant on one side, Devlet Bahçeli on the one hand and Süleyman Soylu on the other. We know that these people are defending the attack of trustees against the will of the Kurdish people. We know that these people apply all kinds of rights violation policies in isolation and prisons. We know that all of our political prisoners, in the person of Bekir Kaya, are held in prison by this government, almost as if they were prisoners. We know that this alliance, which benefits from the palace, is in a systematic war and attack against our people with the taxes of all peoples, and that this policy has caused a great economic crisis, inflation and unemployment spiral in the whole country.

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Translator :Akif Coşkun

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Green left(YSP) gave a self-criticism in Van

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