Singer Mosso on target: Her concerts were requested to be canceled!


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Targeting the singer Melek Mosso, who dedicated her award to women who lost their lives as a result of male violence, those close to the AKP demanded that her concerts are to be cancelled.

The singer Melek Mosso, who dedicates the award she won in the category of “The Most Powerful Cover Song” at the PowerTürk Music Awards to the murdered women, was targeted by those close to the government on virtual media platforms. Those who targeted the singer demanded that his concerts are to be canceled in places where AKP municipalities are located.

After the attacks, pressure was exerted to cancel the concert of Mosso, which will take the stage on Sunday, June 11 at the “International Tekirdağ Cherry Festival” organized by Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Municipality. It was not clear whether the concert was canceled or not.

What happened?

Mosso, after receiving the “Most Powerful Cover Song” award at the PowerTürk Music Awards on June 5, stated that she dedicated her award to the murdered women and said, “I love this award for all those who have been judged, pushed, murdered with everything that being a woman requires, with their clothes and laughter, who have been marginalized in this society for centuries. I take it as a gift to the souls of women. Our voice will never be lowered. No one will silence me, I will continue to speak, produce and sing.”

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Singer Mosso on target: Her concerts were requested to be canceled!

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