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A festival passed through Varto


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The Nature Faith and Culture Festival, which was held for the second time under the leadership of the Democratic Alevi Association (DAD) and the Hızır Space and Nature Conservation Association in the Varto district of Muş, ended with colorful images.

The 2nd Varto Nature, Faith and Culture Festival, organized by the Democratic Alevi Associations (DAD) and the Hızır Space and Nature Conservation Association in Varto district of Muş on 6 August, ended on 7 August with intense participation. On the first day of the festival, a panel on Alevism and Alevism belief was held in Pir Seyit Nesimi Tomb. Afterwards, bites were distributed and prayed.

A festival passed through Varto - varto festival

On the second day of the festival, the event, which started in Varto Mahmutoğlu Facilities, was firstly received with great interest in the play “Earthquake” performed by the Dersim Areya Kay Theater Group. Doğan Çelik, Burhan Karakaş and many local artists performed dances in their mother tongues and accompanied the audience with halay dances.

Dengbej council established

The pieces performed by the dengbejs who took the stage as part of the festival attracted great attention. Speaking to Serhat News about the festival, Democratic Alevi Association (DAD) Co-Chair Kadriye Doğan stated that the interest in the festival made them happy. Doğan said, “Alevism is a belief that embraces all areas of society. We look at 72 nations with the same eye. Its most distinctive feature is a peaceful and sharing belief system. With 4 doors and 40 positions, it aims to meet people with the universe and to raise virtuous people. It shows that the wolf is approaching the bird with an ecological mentality by protecting its right.”

A festival passed through Varto - varto festival1

Doğan stated that the festival, which was held for the second time, will reveal its shortcomings and continue with a more inclusive and high participation rate.

Saying, “It will be possible to maintain the faith with the January system, we will create it with our Ziyar û lands,” Doğan said, adding that Ziyar û Diyar is the general name given to visits attributed to holiness.

Stating that nature is sacred, Doğan said, “Water, soil, trees and sun, which exist in nature and constitute the life resources of human beings, are very valuable for us,” and drew attention to the value given to the festival.

A festival passed through Varto - varto alevi festivali 4 1

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A festival passed through Varto

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