Young voice of Kurdish music: Serhed Sahin


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Serhed Sahin, one of the young names of Kurdish music, told Serhat News about his musical adventure and works before his last song “Şirîna ber dilêmin” was released.

Young musician Serhed Sahin, born and raised in the Özalp district of Van, continues his musical adventure, which started at village in his childhood, with professional steps. Stating that the voice of Kurdish dengbêjs from the halls of their houses as well as village weddings is not missing, Sahin said, “Until the last years, I lived in the village. After my university years, I started to live my life in the city center. Since my childhood, there was an important bond between us and Kurdish music, I listened to it a lot. Our elders were telling us many stories about Kurdish music and giving us important information. My grandparents were mostly talking about Sakiro, Reso and Evdale Zeynikê. This was also the case during the prohibition years,” he says.

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Culture from past to present

Devoting his life to culture and art with the teachings he received from the living room of the house, Sahin often emphasizes the development of art and mentions that he developed his own musical life around this principle. He says that both his mother and father had many dengbêj in his family and l was also influenced by them.

Sahin is studying music at his second university and plays many instruments. He also makes a name for himself by participating in music competitions. Sahin’s songs Xezala Welat, Yeman, Adare are among the most well-known, and the lyrics belong to him and his musician brother Deniz Sahin. On the other hand, the songs Serayê, Ez Xelefim, Helepçe and Hoy Memo, which he sang in the competitions that he participated in, are also identified with Sahin for the audience.

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‘I have concerns about Kurdish music’

Stating that he is concerned about Kurdish music, Sahin states that although there are new musicians, Kurdish music revolves around a single circle. For this reason, Sahin says that in addition to voicing anonymous works or known works, persistence in production is important.

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Continuing his works mostly on dengbêjî and modern Kurdish music, Sahin is currently working on the music video for his new song “Şirîna ber dilêmin”. The lyric music of the song, which will be released in a short time, also belongs to Deniz Sahin.

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Translator : Akif Coşkun

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Young voice of Kurdish music: Serhed Sahin

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