With individual armament, women’s lives are at the tip of the barrel!


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While individual armament is increasing uncontrollably in Turkey, this situation is closely related to femicides. Speaking about the formation and effects of individual armament, Activist Zozan Özgökçe said, “Mafia TV series are preferred rather than films in which good feelings are instilled in people with goodness, beauty and peace. “This country is fed by war,” she said.

Individual armament is increasing uncontrollably in Turkey. The number of unlicensed weapons found among civilians in Turkey leaves a question mark in mind. The Hope Foundation claims 36 million. According to the independent research organization Small Arms Survey (SAS), the number of unlicensed weapons in Turkey in 2017 was 10 million 749 thousand. Among 178 countries, Turkey ranks 14th in terms of armament. Every year, an average of 4,500 people are killed with individual weapons. Especially in recent days, the guns are drawn immediately in the fights in the cities of the region. Individual armament is also closely related to femicides. Because almost every day, 5 women are killed with easily obtained weapons.

Activist Zozan Özgökçe, who made evaluations on the subject, mentioned that especially the ‘Mafia’ serials staged in serials are effective in society and said, “People have become a group as the ‘pioneer of justice’. “Where there is no law, they can give their own punishment,” she said.

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‘Individual armament directly endanger the lives of women’

Stating that armament in Turkey affects them negatively as a society, Özgökçe said, “Children and women are very common among them because it is the men holding the gun. And the number of guns per 100 people in Turkey is in the 20s. Only one of them is registered. Here are those who have a license, but there is a lot of illegal armament, especially. It is said that there are over 20 million illegal weapons in Turkey. One of the 2 houses almost has a gun. In addition, one of the reasons why guns are found in so many homes and is so common in society is that a very high percentage of police officers, who are members of the armed forces, also have guns in their homes. This pole puts the lives of women and the lives of the whole society at risk.”

‘Guns are reflected positively even to children’

Özgökçe said that a father gave a gun to his son’s hand at a wedding recently, saying that this is a sublime thing and that it was instilled in the child, and said, “It is affirmed in this society to use a gun. On the other hand, killing or injuring someone by saying, “For the sake of honor, for the homeland,” to games and the increasing prevalence of “mafia” serials in this society, these seem very normal. None of us is safe anymore on the street, in traffic, in our homes. We see very well how children are affected by these in life and in the news. If there is a gun in a house, neither a child, a woman nor anyone will feel safe. Because they know there is something deadly in the house. Women are not just killed with guns. They are killed in many different ways. For this reason, we are in a life where not only weapons but also lethal materials such as guns are found.”

With individual armament, women's lives are at the tip of the barrel! - bireysel silahlanma zozan ozgokce 3

‘Individual armament should be banned’

Emphasizing that almost 5 women were murdered every day, especially with weapons, Özgökçe said that many of her children who witnessed this were subjected to severe psychological trauma. Underlining that individual armament should be banned all over the world, Özgökçe said, “Because this is a world issue as well. A toy gun would be used if the gun was only used to intimidate. However, there is no such thing. Lethal weapons are used in people’s pockets on their backs, even in a shopping mall that we go to in normal life, members of the armed forces use their weapons by showing them. We also see it on TV. “He shot himself while cleaning his gun or shot a child while cleaning the gun,” she said.

Attention to games and toys: Fictions are included in our lives

Talking about the ‘range shooting game’ opened in Van in the past days, Özgökçe said the following about the play: “It is a rehearsal of killing and injuring each other. Usually men do this with great pleasure. Children’s games are always about shooting with guns. It’s not supposed to be sold, even in toy shops. Even a water gun should not be used in my opinion. Because it’s meant to kill people. I advocate the inclusion of the things of life, the fiction in our life, into life.”

With individual armament, women's lives are at the tip of the barrel! - bireysel silahlanma zozan ozgokce 2

‘This country is fed by guns’

Özgökçe stated that a person who does not live in Van can find drugs in Van within 20 minutes, and in connection with this, they can also reach a gun in the same way. Expressing that the society is not purified from drugs and weapons, Özgökçe underlined that if the society is to be purged, very serious policies will be developed. Noting that the amnesty that came with the new ‘Bag Law’ was related to this, Özgökçe said, “The increase in amnesty, women’s massacres, individual armament, and street fights can be seen. I am very hopeless for the future of young people. Because society evolves into it. Unfortunately, mafia TV series are preferred rather than movies in which good feelings are instilled in people in an environment of peace with goodness and beauty. This country is seriously fed by war. “If people don’t want peace much, arms dealers and drug dealers are stronger against us,” she said.

Workshops against male violence are organized with women

Özgökçe finally talked about her work against violence: “We organize workshops with women and discuss what they should do in case of a fight. We recommend that they stay away from materials that will harm them, such as weapons, and especially stay away from balconies. Because the part that fell from the balcony has always been covered up with a suicide look. They need to consecrate their own lives and struggle and become conscious about it so that they do not oppress or injure themselves. If we become conscious, all the problems we have mentioned will change.”

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With individual armament, women’s lives are at the tip of the barrel!

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